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  • Emma Ridgway

Drivers on the new London E Prix layout

Ahead of the double-header London E Prix the drivers gave their thoughts on the changes made to the circuit.
London E Prix - Photo by Formula E

In its second year at the ExCel Arena, changes were made to Turns 10 - 13 after last year saw multiple collisions at the double-hairpin, the decision was made to switch to a set of L-R-R-L chicanes instead.

Winner from New York Nick Cassidy said of the new layout, "I dont think it's made it better no. I think its going to be harder." during yesterday's media pen, "it's hard to overtake anywhere here I'd say that won't be easy to overtake here."

Championship contender Mitch Evans agreed with this stance during the Driver's Press Conference, noting that the changes seem to make it more difficult. The track itself is incredibly tight compared to other Formula E circuits.

"[to perform here] You need a lot of flow, a lot of rhythm, there's a lot of corners flowing into each other. It's very technical. It's one low speed track and with low speed corners."

Left: Last season's London E Prix circuit compared to Right: This season's London E Prix circuit with the new chicanes at Turns 10 - 13.

It isn't just the cornering that proves to be the biggest challenge here in London - the unique indoor/outdoor section adds another level of complexity to the setup for today's race. Notably, the difference in temperature and surface results in varying grip.

"There's a huge difference [indoors and outdoors]." Jake Dennis, winner here last year, comments, "The difference in the amounts of grip have an indoor section compared to outside is phenomenal. You know, these cars are so high grip on the indoor section, the surface basically turns out sandpaper and as soon as you then go outside, it's then very much a typical Formula E, very slippery, very bumpy, quite difficult to control the car. Having those two elements brings a whole unique, yeah, challenge, to drive in these cars and it's you have to change your mindset lap after lap. Yeah, because the track's always evolving."

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